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Degroupnews : THD Radio : deployment, competition, 5G… complete explanations with Philippe Le Grand (Nomotech)

Source : 4/7/2018 16:38

THD Radio projects are starting to take off. First lessons and perspectives with Nomotech vice-president, Philippe Le Grand.

The government promises Very High Speed Internet acces (THD) for all French people by the end of 2022: 30 Mb / s minimum, of which  more than 2 million households and businesses will not be able to benefit via optical fiber, cable or VDSL, according to the latest InfraNum THD Observatory (ex-FiRIP). They will have to rely, at least temporarily, on the satellite, or on the THD Radio solution, for which part of the 3.5 GHz frequency band is exclusively reserved until 2026. The ARCEP opened in last December a counter where local authorities and operators can submit their authorization requests to exploit this part of the spectrum (3410-3460 MHz).

Six months later, we have 5 files filed, and one accepted for now. A chilly departure? No, says Philippe Le Grand, during an interview. For Nomotech Vice President, one of the main providers of THD Radio solutions in France, it is simply a translation of the deadlines necessary for studies and deliberations before the launch of a call for tenders, 1 to 2 years in general. With some "avant-garde" communities, which have been able to draw rapidly, such as Seine-et-Marne, or Charente, two departments signed by Nomotech in 2017. Not to mention the Vendée, which will choose its network operator in September.


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