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NOMOTECH is one of the leading providers of innovative WiFiMAX and wireless broadband network solutions in France. NOMOTECH’s products are designed to enable the delivery of wireless high speed internet to cover the broadband-less areas and to bridge the digital divide between the urban and suburban regions.

NOMOTECH developed his own concept based on innovative wireless broadband technology WiFiMAX NOMOTECH and covered the wholeness of the La Manche region in France with the wireless broadband infrastructures (totally 6000 km²) thereby creating the most wide Hotzone in Europe.

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Client testimonial

Meurthe-et-Moselle has the second vaster network radio of France with 209 base stations in WiFiMAX. The trust to the group NomoTech is already translated by the current studies on the rise in radio rate by the MIMO and the extension of the Hertzian network towards new " grey areas ".

Didier Druon, digital development of territories

General Council of Meurthe-et-Moselle